How is Big Data Impacting the Sale and Management of Life Insurance and Annuities?

Leveraging Big Data For Life Insurance And Annuities

Big Data is the volume of data that flows from sensors and other inputs that IT systems attempt to analyze in real-time to extract any useful business intelligence. Life insurance and annuities companies can benefit from the power of Big Data as much as any others.

Big Data for the life insurance and annuities industry is a new way of looking at a well-established set of processes. However, the industry has been at the forefront of data analysis since its inception, but that still leaves room for improvement. Insurance underwriters can take advantage of the new capabilities of information technology are more competitive. By processing enormous volumes of data, they have an advantage over their more conservative competitors.


Dynamic Hedging To Back Your Guarantees

Big Data brings three fundamental changes to any industry that attempts to exploit it: More database rows, more data in the database fields, and an increase in the tempo of the updates for the database. The expanded data flow and increased processing speed mean a larger volume of potentially useful intelligence. Big Data provides information that resolves a more fine-grained understanding of the business. These three developments enable insurers to make decisions in underwriting more confidently, meaning that larger the sample, the more precise the predictions will be.

Big Data gives you more information more rapidly and of a quality that makes it more valuable as business intelligence. Insurers are beginning to use this capability to hedge risks. Underwriters gain confidence that they will always fund their commitments. In a life insurance marketplace where margins are decreasing, and competition is more intense, using dynamic hedging to find and respond to risk is an excellent tool for the life and annuities profession that create financial products that involve financial guarantees.

3 Things To Unleash The Value In Big Data

Capture the big picture but remain engaged – Make sure you have the big picture in mind. Think holistically to avoid a narrow application that limits the benefits. On the other extreme, avoid applying it in too broad an approach, which could result in neglecting your information assets. In both cases you lose the value of Big Data analytics which, when applied well, reveal unexpected details and opportunities that can revolutionize any business process.

Coordinate your channels, timings, and offers – Commercial enterprise is moving to real-time, and the life and annuities industries are no exceptions. Successful Big Data analytics finds the most profitable opportunities a does it quickly. The prescriptive ability of analytics helps you see what will make the most appealing offers.

Lighten your IT load – When you bring Big Data infrastructure online it should ease the burden on your IT department. The trend in IT is to replace hard assets with services, which brings down the entry barrier for small and medium-sized businesses. Your information gathering and analytics system should achieve the same goal in data.

Companies that use the tools of Big Data efficiently in support of life insurance and annuities see benefits at all stages of the insurance cycle. Insurance operations can cut costs and reduce time spent in policy administration, distribution management, and all of the other information intensive functions that drive this business.

Big Data makes information intensive industries such as insurance more competitive and more responsive to changing risks. Insurers do not need to throw out their legacy computing systems and begin again to have the benefits of prescriptive analytics that will drive the business forward. FAST Technology develops solutions for life insurance and annuity companies. We build modular integrations to improve the business while reducing expensive IT overhead costs. To discuss the future of your IT resources contact us before the competition leaves you behind.

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