How Agile Software Development Supports SOA Solutions

If you are in the insurance industry or software development these days, you are sure to have at least heard about Agile Software Development methods and probably observed or participated in projects which exploited them. As a professional in the insurance industry, you are also probably interested in software solutions that deliver service-oriented architecture solutions for your company.

When you choose one of the several current agile approaches, you will find it is an excellent system to add components that make your insurance services more competitive. There are multiple ways that agile can help insurers to automate and increase ROI, but let’s look specifically at integrating pre-built and custom components and why it matters.aglie2

Using Agile To Produce SOA Components

Under the umbrella of agile, there are specific methods that take the principles and turn them into processes. Of these, Scrum is the leading project management system within agile. Scrum sets a climate of transparency, sets priorities and breaks the work down into “sprints” that last two to three weeks. Teams are usually co-located and meet periodically to report results and receive new instructions. Agile systems such as Scrum follow a cycle of repeated iterations, and they work well with most development projects.

Insurance software is extremely amenable to automation, replacing repetitive manual processes with digital systems that handle tasks smoothly and without interactions. Insurance is an interesting case because it is mathematical and behavioral; it manages risk and documentation and applies the discipline of a profitable business model. Add to the equation the need for a competitive edge and response to the innovations from within the industry and you have a dynamic recipe for demanding software solutions.

Harnessing The Talent Within Teams

The power of the agile approach lies in its ability to bridge old software components and new, to create a smooth operating whole from disparate parts. When your team uses agile, you have a discipline for a marketplace of supporting businesses and startups that are all attempting to add value and have a successful business model that makes insurers more competitive. The companies and startups that provide the supporting software modules most likely develop them using agile.

Rather than conforming to dictated policies and processes, teams concentrate on building working software from the creative energies of the team members. As challenges emerge an agile team will keep the plan in mind, along with the final goal, but they will adapt by responding to changes and focusing on getting the project back on track.

If you use Scrum, you work on a “story” that is the narrative that defines the goal you wish to achieve in a sprint. Stories demonstrate the levels of trust and respect that has to exist between leaders and teams; this mutual respect facilitates the creativity and initiative that makes Scrum and all agile methods so useful in software development.

Speed Is Everything In Software Development Now

Today, the driving force in development is the need for a rapid turnaround cycle that rolls out a desired feature or service before the competition. Your competitors have the same information, and they are working toward the same objectives; the advantage goes to the development team that has the best methods of working together.

The highest priority in extending your business processes is to do it fast before the competition can steal the advantage. You will need to add the capabilities of new components and retain the existing legacy of the systems that have brought you to your current state of development. The discipline of agile development philosophies and methodologies, such as Scrum will help you to make measurable progress in integrating new components

Working with a vendor that specializes in agile development gives you the best tools to integrate additional business process modules into your insurance software architecture. FAST enables users to leverage agile methods to build new applications and extend functionality as end-to-end SOA solutions with ease. Contact FAST Technology to learn how our solutions can help you get the most from your software development efforts.

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