Why a Good UI and UX Go Hand in Hand

Designers like Saurabh Mehra see user experience design as the element that engages, and reengages, app users. According to Mehra: “The User Experience design works towards making the product easy, FUN, and efficient to use in terms of the functionality of the product, which can later be amplified by a good UI.”

Although Mehra and other UX designers might think that UX design does the heavy work, a good user interface can make or break the user experience.

Read on to find out why and how a good UI makes for a better UX.

Why a Good User Interface Matters
Not all employees sit behind a desk. They are out meeting clients and pursuing leads. For quite some time software developers failed to acknowledge this group of workers. Unfortunately, their software products reflected this.

Research has indicated that users in field environments also required access to business applications, so user experience designers aimed to make desktop websites suitable for mobile devices. Anyone who has interacted with such apps understands the issues with this approach.

People out in the field struggled with inadequate interfaces that weren’t suitable to their mobile devices. Icons and buttons were either cut-off or not in familiar places. Out of frustration, employees in the field were either forced to take handwritten notes or fill out paper forms.

However, with improved interfaces employees have a better user experience which translates to higher productivity and improved workflows. According to Techcrunch:

Before these applications arrived, field service teams completed all their paperwork on paper in the field. Office staff had to retype the information into a desktop invoicing system. Now, a technician armed with an app can collect data, pull product catalogs and file invoices in the field. This reduces administrative costs and enhances cash flow for field service businesses.

How A Good Interface Works
Even desktop knowledge workers benefit from high-quality user interfaces and well-considered user experiences. One user experience developer considers it his responsibility to build a “bridge between research and design”.

Whenever an app is developed user experience designers gather a team of stakeholders and set out to understand the user experience and user expectations.

They gather data through A/B testing, surveys and analytics. This process, called discovery, helps the designers build a product around user needs and expectations. Once they have designed the product they have to carry their ideas to the user interface developers. The user interface developers make their designs possible and usable.

User interface designers have many options to choose from. They can build an interface using animations, floating buttons, drop-down menus, cards, old-school carousels or newer adaptive content blocks. There are some limits to what they can do, depending upon the platform they use.

According to VentureBeat, hiring “mutually exclusive experts in Android and iOS design and development and enabl[ing] them to complement (not copy from) the other. While you’re at it, focus your UX/UI to accommodate more one-handed use — it’s happening more and more with the use of larger phones.”

This means that UX professionals and UI professionals must collaborate on how to efficiently meet the needs of a diverse group of users interacting with a wide range of devices with a varied set of uses.

Moving Forward
As mobile devices proliferate and wearables enter the mainstream, UI designers have to remain adaptable and inventive.  A recent trend is the development of a common interface, so that users come to expect the same app features to appear in the same area across a range of applications and platforms.

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