Recent College Graduates Go FAST: Why You Should Too

Coming out of college, one of the hardest decisions most of us face is “What should I do when I graduate?”  As recent college graduates, we felt like newborn babies that had been thrown into the crazy jungle, more commonly known as the “real world”.  We didn’t know much, but we both knew that we wanted to work for a fun company with huge potential and room for growth. Enter…

FAST is a rapidly growing Software and Technology Company and we do some really cool stuff.  We work hard, but you’d be surprised as to what you consider work, when you’re surrounded by great people and know that your accomplishments make a difference. Throw in the fact that you can be part of a small company on its rise to the top, and what’s not to love? Here are some reasons us “newborns” are confident we’ve finally found our place in the real world:

  • Be part of the evolution, the revolution — the next generation of software

Think of software that makes software. Yeah… I’m going to let that sink in for a little bit.  At FAST, we’ve developed an automation tool called FAST 8x which through some simple configurations will allow you, your uncle, and your grandmother to make complex applications without having to write a single line of code. If that’s not revolutionary, I don’t know what is.

  • At FAST, your actions directly mold the future of this company – make your mark on a company that’s about to make history!

I am currently working on a project that will soon be used by, not only the entire company, but by every single one of our current and future clients. There are not many places you can go as a young developer that will empower you with that type of influence.

  • Be engulfed in an entrepreneurial, flexible, and passionate culture

Are you a “want-repreneur” and want to become an entrepreneur? FAST’s founders will be giving personal entrepreneurial seminars on how to start your own business. Just one of the many perks of working at FAST!

  • Fast pace. Fast growth. FAST.

This is my third software company and I can honestly say that being at FAST for 5 months is the equivalent of being at any normal company for 15 months – the rate at which your technical skillset, not to mention your bank account, will grow is amazing.

Have a history of high performance? Join FAST and monetize your excellence with raises that could happen up to 3x a year!

  • Face-to-Face interaction with C-Level Executives

As a recent college grad, I never would have expected to be playing ping pong with one of the founders of a multi-million dollar company.

  • DEXTERS. Are you one?

Def. (noun): Right sided. One who typically utilizes the right side of the frontal lobe, which is attributed to one’s creativity.

At FAST creativity is not only encouraged, it’s nurtured and rewarded. Partake in Company competitions that range from office decorating contests, to designing web pages – your creativity will be put to the test.  Employees have won prizes ranging from gift cards to Kindle Fire tablets.

  • A Friday at FAST is almost like a day back in your college dorm

Walk into the office representing your Alma Mater with your [insert sport here] jersey and favorite pair of jeans. Feel like taking a break? Challenge one of the company founders in Madden for Xbox or a game of Ping-Pong. Getting tired from too much fun? Energize yourself with some free coffee from Starbucks, which is only a short elevator ride away.

  • Become a jack of all trades

As a Business Analyst, I never expected to be involved in so many different projects. On a daily basis my responsibilities can range from finance, marketing, human resources, configuring spreadsheets for client systems, or even writing blogs like this. The knowledge I’ve gained in the past 6 months is the equivalent of getting a college degree in each of these fields.

If you’re still reading this, we’ll assume something on our list has resonated with you. Do you want to become a jack of all trades? Perhaps, an entrepreneur? A Madden champion? Or… you might want to just be a part of the next big thing in tech. Why not all of the above? — Enhance your undoubtedly, awesome self by considering a career with FAST.

Dennis Ryu and Maureen Sharlow

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